Weight Loss and Detox:
“My husband and I are on Day 3 of Weight Loss and Detox. We are both raving about the sample meals. We had the turkey chili last night and the omelet today. Wow! My husband just said he can’t wait to enjoy the meals with wine! We are slowing losing weight and cleaning out toxins (no doubt wine residue). This program has delicious meals and is getting great results. You can’t really call it a diet, and it sure doesn’t compare to any juice cleanse we have done. This is a common sense healthy approach to giving your body a break to cleanse itself with anti-inflammatory foods. I can see doing this regime a few times a year to keep weight in check after the food & wine dinners start to show up on my hips.”
L & J

When I saw Karen in January, I was 254 lbs, though I didn’t even know it beforehand because I had previously been too anxious to even step on the scale, afraid that the number would overwhelm me. I felt my life was out of control, although my health was ironically the easiest thing for me to ignore, at least in the short term. I knew, of course, that I needed to lose weight, but I kept putting it off. However, several things seemed to happen at once. I lost my mother that year. That painful experience made me confront my health issues. I also knew people who were having major heart surgery because of health problems that could have been avoided had they made different decisions when they were my age. I, therefore, sought Karen’s help. Karen is incredibly knowledgeable. Nutrition seems to be one of those things in which everyone thinks he or she is an expert. Karen truly is an expert. Moreover, she is one of the most encouraging people I have ever met. Thus, she told me what to eat and how much to eat, tailoring my diet according to my needs and tweaking it according to my results. She also encouraged me tremendously along the way, because losing weight, in her words, is “a marathon, not a sprint.” When things got difficult, she made me believe I was doing well and inspired me to continue to move forward.I have worked with Karen for exactly one year now. In that time I have lost 70 lbs. Persistence has helped me. The good food choices I make on a meal to meal basis may seem insignificant, but they have made all the difference. Staying away from unhealthy foods gives me a tremendous feeling of freedom. I plan on continue to work with Karen even after I reach my goal weight, because my true goal is not weight loss, but overall health. I plan on learning from Karen how to maintain weight loss, prevent disease, and fight aging. I trust no one more than Karen to coach me in this new lifestyle.—PK

“I am writing about Karen Raden my nutritionist for two reasons. First and foremost I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to Karen for really listening to me, hearing what I was saying and taking the steps necessary to figure out what was happening to my body. My second reason for writing this is to let people know that with Karen’s assistance added to one’s individual desire and determination you will loose your desired weight and also change your overall health in the process.I spent 18 years watching my body get bigger and bigger while trying to eat what I thought was healthy! Throughout these years I tried all kinds of diets and went to see multiple doctors. No one had the answer that was right for me.Last year I was told about Karen. I remember when I first reached out to Karen she said, I cannot promise you but I think I can help you and she did! It has been about fifteen months and I have now lost 60 pounds. I still have 20 more pounds to lose until I get to my goal. However, I know with Karen’s assistance I will achieve my desired weight.Karen pays attention to the total wellness of her clients. Throughout the past year Karen had recommended certain blood tests be taken. Thanks to her everything that was working against me is now in balance and working for me.

Karen has asked what drives me to stick with with her plan. The answer to that question lies in my desire to be healthy and the joy of feeling like myself again. I hated being heavy because it was just not me and I was worried what being so overweight would do to my overall health. Now thanks to Karen’s advice, persistence and continued guidance I am almost at my goal and feel incredible!

Karen has supported me in so many ways. I believe she has a genuine desire to help her clients get to their healthiest self. She will continue to gather information to help you achieve your goals throughout your entire process.

I am deeply grateful to Karen for what she has done to guide me through my weight loss. She has shown support for my physical as well as my emotional self. Karen makes herself available at all times whether it is at an appointment, through email or a phone conversation.
I would recommend Karen to any individual that needed help with weight loss or wanted to approach a physical problem through nutrition. I have benefited in so many ways from Karen’s knowledge and persistence! I will forever be filled with gratitude and appreciation for her presence in my life!


Patient Visit Testimonials:

“I so enjoyed all the assistance you gave me yesterday. You are incredibly skilled and I am just so grateful to have been referred to you and to benefit from your wisdom. I look so forward to working with you further. I am dumbfounded why I could not have found you sooner.”

“Thanks so much – the plan seems to resonate with me and the cravings are under control…I am much more comfortable.”

“I am so grateful for your help.  Looking back at the self that walked into your office a year ago, I think I was going a little crazy. Especially since my Internist and OB/Gyn thought so too, wanting only to prescribe Xanax.  Thank goodness you offer another alternative to out of balance adrenals and hormones.”
Denise W.

“For the first time in years my liver blood test results just came back normal!! Thank you for educating me on the science behind eating properly and making it so easy for me to understand. With the simple rules and ideas you gave me I continue to lose weight and feel great. I have complete confidence I’ll get to my goal. After years of trying every fad diet out there, I would have never believed it could be this easy.”

“I know how much I’ve learned from you and how very very important everything you teach is, and I love to share this with others. If there is just one thing that I can share that can help someone else be even just a bit healthier, I consider it a victory. I thank you so much for everything you have brought to me. All the wonderful knowledge you have shared with me is now such a part of my life. I hope that in passing some of this knowledge on to others that it may just inspire someone else to start living a healthier lifestyle. It is so important.”
Madelyn L.

“Thank you again! You have truly made such a huge difference in my life and my sisters. We still tell everyone we know about how you have helped us and literally changed our lives health wise!! I mean that from the bottom of my heart!”
Kim M.

“Of the many things I’ve learned from you the past few years, sitting down and being “present” while I eat may be the most important. It has only been a day or two but I really notice a difference. So much of what I put in my mouth was mindless, albeit healthy, eating.”

“I wanted to let you know that my cholesterol is 169 (it went down over 80 points in 12 weeks by eating no sugar or refined carbs!)”

“For the first time in I don’t know how long I stayed awake until after the show ended!!  We usually leave because of me and fatigue, before 10pm.  We stayed until the show was over and my husband was the one tired on the way home. It was great because we wound up with front row seats.  Never had that before and I was able to enjoy being up front.”

“You have such a gift for making complex information more accessible for us laypeople without ever making us feel foolish. I appreciate your time and all of your recommendations.”
Sharon G.

“I just wanted to let you know how great I feel after the cleanse.  I have had friends go through other cleanses and they have felt tortured. I felt great the whole way through. I was never hungry, I never even ate the night snack because I was stuffed. I had no trouble sticking to the cleanse plan, I knew it was 3 weeks and could see the impact after the first day.  I also appreciate your help in making suggestions to make the cleanse work with my more than full time work and home life. Best of all, I lost 10 pounds, I feel great and my skin looks amazing. Thanks so much!”
Nancy W.

“I really enjoyed your class last weekend. Each time I hear you speak, I gain more understanding of the whole detox process.  I like your philosophy and the way you teach. It’s encouraging and motivating.”

“Also, thank you for all the attention and support you give – I really feel good about the plan we executed and that some of my long standing health issues are soon to be resolved!”

“Karen recommended vitamins for me as a mom with a full time job I needed some healthy energy to lower my caffeine intake. These supplements with breakfast were the answer. Thank You Karen!”
Deborah D.

“I had pain in my hip from running and Karen suggested a few supplements as an anti-inflammatory   It worked 100%. Pain is gone and I am running the Chicago Marathon for the first time this year at fifty! Thanks for the recommendation!”

“Karen Raden has given me back my self esteem and control. I had successfully completed the HCG diet, which is a pretty restrictive and disciplined program. I would not have been successful if it weren’t for Karen’s knowledge, support, her compassion for healthy life style, I would not have seen this result. I have learned and continue to be a life long learner and control my healthy life style. Karen is patient and always responded to me in a timely manner. Karen is genuine and my guru in health. She is truly an expert in her field and I recommend her to anyone who needs a healthy life style nutritionist.”
Robin M.