Partner Products

As you may know, supplements are not FDA regulated. Before you start taking any, wouldn’t it be ideal to make sure that you are taking the best quality nutrients for you and your family? I spend countless hours researching the premiere supplement and product manufacturers to make sure that I am only recommending the highest quality products. These are evidenced based nutraceuticals that exceed the current standards set by the FDA for CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices).

Click on any of the links below to place your order. If you have questions about specific products, please contact me directly.


1. XYMOGEN products are only available to patients of our clinic. If you are a patient and are interested in purchasing XYMOGEN products, please call our office at 847-559-9737 for instructions on how to order. A referral code is needed.
2. Patients can also purchase products by calling Xymogen directly at 800-647-6100 and using our referral code
3. If you are a patient and have our referral code, click here to order

Emerson Ecologics

1. Click here to order
2. Enter in Patient Access Code (123456) then submit
3. Choose “I Need to Create An Account”
4. Fill in remaining information and follow three step process to create your account and order your products to be delivered to you


1. Click here to order
2. Click “Register Now” to create your own wellness profile
3. Fill in remaining information and click Register button