If you had to choose one thing

When people ask me the single most important thing they can do to start improving their health, nine times out of ten I will tell them to cut out refined sugar. Just start with that.

Not as easy as it might seem at first thought. This means take out all processed sugar, foods that contain high fructose corn syrup and any processed food product that has the word sugar in the ingredient list. And sometimes “sugar” can be tricky to identify in all products as more and more “Frankenfoods” are being added to our food supply and labels.

The easiest way to eliminate refined sugar from your food plan? Eat only a whole foods based diet. This means eating foods that do not come in a package. Eat vegetables, protein, avocado, nuts, seeds and yes, fruit. While fruit DOES contain sugar, this is natural sugar. If you are starting out with a new health plan and feeling overwhelmed, my recommendation is to keep in the fruit. Now I would not have more than 2-3 servings per day, but if you are having a sweet craving, having an apple is MUCH preferred over having a handful of jellybeans.

And, DON’T start substituting nasty artificial sweeteners for your sugar in food. Keep it simple. Eat real food. This will help to reduce your cravings while improving your health considerably.

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