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Parmesan Crackers

Parmesan CrispsThree of these delicious crackers have only 80 calories. No gluten and no carbs!!

If your body tolerates dairy fine, these are a great snack or addition to a meal. Pair a few of these crisps with veggies and protein for an awesome crunch!

Spring Greens Liver Supportive Juice

1 small green apple, cored
1 small chunk of fresh ginger
½ lemon
Bunch of Greens*
1 cup Water or Coconut Water (choose coconut water with < 9 grams of sugar per cup) 1. Put all ingredients in Vita Mix and blend until smooth. Greens for Liver-Gallbladder Stimulation and Health* • Arugula • Radicchio • Collards • Kale • Endive • Escarole • Mizuna • Sorrel • Spinach • Parsley • Watercress • Red or green mustard greens • Dandelion greens • Nettles

No Grain Pumpkin Muffin (Paleo Friendly) (GFCF)

Servings per recipe: 10

 ½ cup Pumpkin Puree

½ cup Almond Butter

1 Large Egg or EnerG Egg Replacer

1 scoop Fit Food Vegan Protein Powder (brown rice and pea protein powder with stevia)

½ tsp Vanilla Extract

¼ tsp Baking Soda

½ tsp Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Place all ingredients into food processor. Blend until well mixed.
  3. Pour batter into greased muffin tin. You can use mini muffin tins too.
  4. Add additional toppings of your choice. (Calories listed do not account for mix-ins).
  5. Bake for 15 minutes.



Calories: 100

Fat: 8 grams

Carbohydrates: 6 grams

Fiber: 2 grams

Protein: 5 grams